Hogarth's painting was recreated in at least three dimensions on New Year's Eve. Above is a collage from different photographs and below two pictures have been combined into one. More pictures.
What?New Year's Eve Celebration (Norsk, original invitation)
When?December 31 2004, 9PM
Where?Drammensvn 97B, Oslo
Are we reenacting a painting again?Yes, like last year, the year before, and the year before that. This year we will do Election Entertainment by William Hogarth.
Who was William Hogarth?That's your homework to find out. All guests must bring one interesting fact about the painter or the painting!
Do I bring anything else?Finger food enough for yourself and some.
What? Do we have to bring food?Ehh.. yes. In return we'll ensure there is all kinds of things to drink, and the slush machine will be running.
Is that all?No. Also, bring clothes and props that can be used in the painting.
RSVP?Hopefully, you have RSVP'd already. The hosts can be reached on rsvp@wiumlie.no or phone +47 90192217.
Can I bring someone?Yes, partners and children are welcome. And interesting friends.
What should I expect?A new year's celebration with high artistic ambitions.
Will there be singing?Yes, we will sing several national anthems.
Will I meet someone I don't know?The hosts guarantee this.
Will there be loud dance musice?After midnight, absolutely!
What should I wear?Come in party outfit, and change to your favorite costume before going in front of the camera.
Have I seen this invitation before?We believe in recycling!