New Year's Eve 2001

The superior rendition on the left was produced at the event announced below. More pictures are available. The 2002 challenge was even more ambitious.

Come join us for a new year's celebration!

When: December 31 2001, 9PM till the last person leaves
Where: Drammensvn, Oslo
What to expect: party, light food, drinks, dancing and the answer to the age-old question "does life imitate art or vice versa?"
Attire: party chic

Come join us for an evening of laughter, fun and creative energy as we recreate Jan Steen's "The merry company" in three dimensions. The plan is to gather all the people and things needed for a living tableau. The goal is to take a picture of the finished work precisely as 2002 arrives.

What to bring: partners, children (in fact, a few are needed for the picture), friends with special talents in recreating Dutch paintings, props, costumes and a sense of humor. No live dogs, please. A prize will be given to the person who comes with the most interesting fact about Jan Steen. A very, very special prize will be awarded to the person who brings the bagpipe! All props, relatives and non-living pets will be returned to their owners at the end of the evening.

Karen and Håkon

RSVP to or +4790192217