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Apologies in advance for the delays...
...that is the message you will most often see leading off my response to e-mails that people send me about the site.

I create and maintain this site alone in my SPARE TIME. It sometimes requires a LOT of effort to do the research and editing needed with only one person, so my e-mail often suffers and the backlog just grows and grows.

I have finally decided that I can not take the time to respond to EVERY e-mail that I receive AND make headway on maintaining the site. So, something has to suffer - I just can't respond to mails requesting help or easy solutions to problems all the time like I used to try to do. The main source of knowledge that I have to give anyway IS the information on the site, so it can't hurt to look for the answer there. I AM certainly open to requests for addressing new things on the site that aren't there now or are currently unclear.

So... don't let the previous bit daunt you too much - if you want to send me e-mail, I can be reached at [yes, it's an image to lower the amount of spam I get.] It just may take me a LONG time to respond. =)