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Date: 02 Dec 1994 01:06:08 UT
From: Tom Magliery <mag@ncsa.uiuc.edu>
Organization: National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Message-ID: <mag-0112941906080001@jayhawk.ncsa.uiuc.edu>
Subject: Joint SGML Open/WWW WG on style sheets -- DSSSL Lite


The SGML '94 conference held November 7-11 in Tysons Corner, Virginia, USA
provided an opportunity for many people from the SGML community and the WWW
community (and many of us from both) to meet, talk, and exchange a lot of
ideas.  The topic of "style sheets" was one of the more popular issues.

Various informal meetings were held throughout the week, and on Friday at
the SGML Open Technical Committee meetings, a group including
representation from a range of backgrounds met to discuss the feasibility
of defining a subset of the Document Style Semantics and Specification
Language (DSSSL).  The goal is that this subset -- dubbed DSSSL Lite --
could form a core for a style sheet specification that would be simple yet
powerful enough to provide a basis for style sheet interchange on the Web.
If we can suggest something in a very short timeframe, it is hoped that it
will be used in the upcoming release of SoftQuad's Panorama SGML browser
software that will be distributed via NCSA along with Mosaic.

To meet our goals, we realize that we cannot address all style sheet issues
immediately.  However, working on the principle that any interchangeable
style information can only help browsers determine how to format
information, we believe that the interchange format for a useful subset of
style information can be developed quickly.  Furthermore, by basing our
subset on the Draft International Standard (DIS) version of the DSSSL
standard -- which is currently out for vote (due to close before the end of
this year) to become an International Standard (IS) -- there is a well-
defined extension path.

Further information and discussion

The home page for DSSSL Lite information is at

In addition, there is a mailing list, sponsored by SGML Open but open to
all subscribers, for discussion of DSSSL Lite.  (Thanks to Falch for
administering it.)  To subscribe to the discussion list, send email to
<majordomo@falch.no> with the line

    subscribe dsssl-lite your.email@address.com

in the body of the message.  To post to the list, send email to

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