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New Year's Eve

December 31st 2018 · 8PM

Here we go again! You're invited to a party!
Really, why did it have to be me?
Because we like you.
You do?
I do, I do, I do, I do, I do
So, what's the name of the game this year?
Well, when all is said and done, and knowing me, knowing you we kind of thought that... well, maybe it was time to... to have an ABBA party!
An ABBA party! Are you serious?
ABBA-solutely serious. We've been dying to do this. And admit it, secretly you are delighted! Who doesn't want a chance to be Bjorn again?
Mamma mia! Not quite as challenging as last year's Bean King, though, is it?
The king has lost his crown. Long live ABBA! We look forward to seeing you in the fine fashions, not to mention hairstyles, of the group! A further challenge or two will be revealed on the night. HINT: Brush up on your ABBA lyrics!
Is this a costume party?
No. Come in party chic. 70s party chic is ABBA-solutely permissible! You'll have time for costume changes before you and your band step out before your fans and the papparazzi.
So, there will be photos taken?
Honey, honey, of course. All Supertroupers, Fernandos and Dancing Queens will be photographed.
What should I bring, I wonder?
Well, anything that can be used in the creative interpretation of PR photos and album covers. Click on the pictures below for inspiration!
Are we only reproducing the look? What ABBA-out the sound?
Remember the hint above? Brush up on those lyrics.
What about the national anthems. Are we singing those?
Singing national anthems is a tradition! Naturally, we're adding the Swedish one this year.
What's on the playlist after midnight?
Well, let's see... quite a few, very dance-ABBA-le and sing-ABBA-le songs by... (all together now, one last time) ... ABBA!
Will you play my favorites?
What are your favorites?
I'll let you know when I RSVP. Should I bring food or drinks?
Food, yes: Please bring hors d'oeuvres sufficient for six people. Hors d'oeuvres is fancy French for finger food, designed to be eaten with minimal cutlery.
Drinks, no: There will be plenty to drink and the slush machine will run all night.
Can I bring my best friend, Chiquitita?
Check with us; if we know there will be room on dance floor, then your friend is our friend and is welcome.
When and how do I RSVP? Ring, ring?
RSVP by December 20, 2018. Email to rsvp@wiumlie.no.
Happy New Year!
Karen & Håkon