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Company and Other Copyrights
The names Microsoft Internet Explorer, JScript, VBScript, NCSA Mosaic, Netscape Navigator, JavaScript, Opera Software's Opera, and Sun Microsystems Java are registered trademarks of the respective companies. By referencing their products in these documents this site in no way endorses or is affiliated with these companies. The information is listed for public benefit and only serves to document historical information about the Internet and World Wide Web. The publicly available W3C HTML specifications and terminology (such as CSS and XML) carry their own trademarks and copyrights. Links to external sites about certain topics are not guaranteed to be fully functional (the sheer number of them will prevent frequent integrity checks.) I can not guarantee the content of these external sites, but they are made available as additional references for readers.

Personal Copyrights
I claim copyright where possible over the many portions of the two sites which are original work (such as many parts of the Cascading Style Sheet site) and over the both sites as a singular, evolving work, along with the general HTML formatting scheme (look and feel.) All images are copyright 1996-2003 Brian Wilson.

Information about version history of tag and property support in the mentioned browsers and other data was gathered though a series of sometimes painstaking manual verifications. The information is as accurate as I could determine given my resources and appears to be the most complete resource to date (that I can find at least) on this topic. While neither I nor anyone else can claim direct copyright over the content of the tag history pages (anyone who has the ability and or patience could duplicate this work), it is unlikely that many will try to duplicate this silly feat. =) Please at least cite me as the source if you reference the information that I have gathered here for another purpose.

Aside from that, if you can help add to this resource, please let me know so that it can be updated. These sites are meant to create a single, cohesive resource on the HTML language, CSS and the popular browsers that support them; it would be a waste of efforts (I think) if this did not succeed.

Brian Wilson
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